No Bar to be Lowered
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Now that this dolt 45 has held office, with the help of #maga dolts and has chain-sawed all bars, that had previously given esteem, to the Oval Office, what next – is in store for America? 

The vindictive toddler-in-chief signed the executive order, to sabotage ObamaCARE. This affects the most vulnerable, thus will cause deaths. He is willing to kill Americans so as to wipe out President Barack Obama’s legacy. 

At the same time, the grifter-in-chief said that FEMA can’t stay in Puerto Rico for “forever”, thus threatening to abandon the island territory. This is after only 3 weeks of the hurricane. FEMA was on the ground 6 years AFTER Katrina. This came on the heels, of the idiot-in-chief, throwing paper towels, at the flood victims, having them tussle each other to catch it; despicable behaviour, for the holder of the Oval Office. Then, instead of having intelligent conversations, with the stakeholders, the lunatic takes to Twitter to spew venom and spread lies.

Today the moron spoke with the “president of the Virgin Islands”. ? We all know, even #maga, that it’s the voices in his head, that #make those asinine tweets. 

Before this ass stepped in the Whitest House, there was prestige as we knew the last man standing, after our long election process, would be someone capable, mostly intelligent, possessing the ability to think past, what he had for lunch. Right now, literally a monkey, can do as good a job as the current resident. 

Somebody or something – save us!!!

Let Them Eat Throphies

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