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The idea for SubversiveWare with a line of RESISTWare, was born out of incredulity that America, in 2016 elected an unrepentant, pathologically lying, racist, xenophobic, bigoted, misogynistic, delusional, megalomaniac, know-nothing cad, who is fast bent on taking us back to 1642 and earlier. 
Backed, endorsed, buoyed and personally aided by White nationalists, including his now White House strategic advisor, Steve Bannon, this person has leveled every bar of decency and integrity, which previously curtailed the likes to reach to high levels in government. As of November 8th, 2016, there in no more bar, to be lowered.
He enters the highest level of office with noooooooo governmental experience of any kind and conflicts of interest, which again, previously prevented well qualified people from attaining much lower level positions. This disregard for prior standards is being fully aided and abetted by republican lawmakers of every stripe. Add to this, are his nominations and appointments of mostly unqualified people, to every level position, and his disdain for aautonomy.
Ushered in is an era of alternative reality. 
When we’ve come to the point, when there are #alternativefacts being offered, at contentious White House briefings and a large enough segment of the population doesn’t care, that’s a problem. 
When intelligence is now seen as a negative, that’s a problem. 
When attaining a higher education is seen as indoctrination, that’s a problem. 
When science is being discounted and denied, while feelings are now what is used to set national policy, that’s a problem. 
When the legitimate press is being discredited and silenced, while fringe conspiracy sites, which peddle in discord, now have a front seat and preference, at White House briefings, that’s a problem. 
When the American people, can not believe a word, that comes out the mouth, of the person, who now sits in the highest office in the land, that’s a problem!
Well meaning people, who usually don’t rock the boat need to understand, this is not normal and collectively – We The People – of conscience – need to #RESIST this affront of our progress. We need to #RESIST any and all attempts of fascist rule. 
For many, like myself, maybe we can’t risk being arrested in physical protests, or you don’t have to follow all the constant churning and changing issues, but we can lodge outcry in passive ways, which may include wearing our dissent.
This is where SUBVERSIVEWare comes in. It will take current headlines, twitterstorms, fads, internet memes and topical issues and make them wearable. We’ll rock the power that be. #RESIST


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